Detective Joe

Detective Joe is one of the most prominent figures on the production, since we see him give Barry the words of encouragement that a son should normally hear from his father. As a single dad who’s wife of many years moved on for ludicrous reasons, now arrived at a scene of a crime where a person he knew is now being suspected of murder, he made the decision to adopt a child and give him a good future.

After Barry had awoken from his coma, he ran into Joe back at the police station. He was later ordered to a robbery at Gold City Bank and returned with many suspects. They observed several cell phone recordings, concerning the freak storm that struck up inside the bank itself. They also noticed a getaway car, taking record of its incomplete plate number. Joe later arrived at another crime scene at which Barry and Iris happened to be at. Joe criticized both Barry and Iris for lingering there and grew irritated at the former when he suggested that Mardon was both alive and had received the power to regulate the weather. He went on to repeat that Barry’s father was a murder, as it had been established, and it was an undeniable fact. This provoked Barry to walk off in annoyance. Soon, more police arrived, including Detective Thawne, Joe’s current partner. Eddie told Joe the sketch artist’s rendering from a suspect, which resembled the apparently deceased criminal, Clyde Mardon. Doubtful that he could’ve continued, the two moved to Mardon’s old farmhouse, where they got him. However, before they could catch him properly, he hit them away with wind and caused a tornado to form around himself, that’s growing and moved outdoors. Joe carried an unconscious Eddie outside by their vehicle while their attacks seemed too feeble against Clyde Mardon. As a bit of debris soared through the air, it almost hit them. Nevertheless, it was caught by Barry with his enhanced speed. Barry soon interrupted the tornado, but before Mardon could shoot Barry, Joe killed Clyde first. The next morning, Joe acknowledged Barry’s powers had use and also apologized for not believing him, admitting that Barry’s accounts of a man in a blur of lightning killing his mom were likely true. He had Barry accept never to tell Iris about any of his new found powers.